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Abi, Faringdon Community College

Salt to the Sea

Though my favourite book is and probably always will be "The Lies We Tell Ourselves" from the 2016 Carnegie Awards, Salt to the Sea is up on my list of best books ever written. Over the course of reading this, I fell in love with Florian and Joana's love, I grew a very strong hatred to Alfred and I loved Emilia's character development.

World War Two and the twentieth century have always been my favourite part of History and this book has took that love and made it stronger. It shows that today really isn't all that different. That people are still dying in boats, still not accepting every part of human life, whether it be race or sexuality. It shows that people can be liars, but they can be good people. That a child is still the most important part of their mother's life. That social acceptance is still the main focus of many people.

The writing style of this book was amazing. Each chapter was from a different point of view, showing that people can have different opinions of the same event. We got to witness Florian and Joana from two points, and the trust that Emilia found in Florian in her chapters. We got the life of a Lithuanian, a Pole, a Nazi and a German Deserter. That only made this book stronger.

Last year, from the first time I read "One" [the winner of 2016] I had a feeling it would win. I have the same feeling after reading this book.

Ruta Sepetys' writing style is one of my favourites, and I am sure I will read more of her works.

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 02:29 pm

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