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Toby, Impington Village College

Salt to the Sea

'Salt to the Sea' is an amazingly written book, with such a strong storyline that I couldn't put it down!

Set in Nazi occupied Europe towards the end of World War Two, it is told from the perspective of Florian, a mysterious young adult who isn't talkative, Joanna, a young nurse who treats all she can and travels with an odd group of people, Alfred, a sailor who is the lowest class possible but thinks he's doing a great job for his country and Emilia, a Polish girl who is trying to hide from the Nazis while trying to escape. All have a dark secret that really isn't that shocking when you read it now but back then it must have been terrifying.

A very historically accurate novel, it shows the horror of the Soviets as they advanced on Germany, showing them in worse detail than I even thought they were.

It is based around the events that happened to the 'Wilhelm Gustloff', a ship that seemed to be the only hope for the people who were fleeing from the Russians.

A tale filled with sorrow, as most of the characters have experienced terrible loss, it shows how people carry on in the darkest of times.

Its pinpoint attention to detail and its extremely fast pace make it an enjoyable read, while its complex storyline makes it a must read.

'Salt to the Sea' is a great book that more than deserves to be shortlisted for the Carnegie medal and I wouldn't be disappointed if it won. I would reccomend it for everyone older than 11.

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 03:47 pm

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