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Ms Chumbley, Chobham Academy Book Group


Having read this after spotting it on the nominated and longlists, I was really disappointed to see it make its way onto the shortlist. What are the judges thinking? Abuse is so graphically described in the early part of the book that we have had to put a 16+ reading age on it at school, meaning that no-one in our book club can read it! Of course it's a great book - in the hands of Peet and Rosoff, how could it fail to be? But this is an award for children, and some would undoubtedly be troubled if not traumatised by the detailed depiction of Beck's early experiences. The simple and entirely innocent request to see a male teacher in his room, for example, could easily echo very unhappily the words of the novel. A poor, poor decision. This book must NOT win the Carnegie medal.

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 01:32 pm

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