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Leo, Royal Readers

Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is based on a farm in western Pennsylvania at the time of World War II, where Annabelle and her family live in a harmonious and peaceful style until her carefully balanced world is disturbed by a girl called Betty who continues to cause problems along the way.

Wolf Hollow is a warm hearted but sad story of how a girl tries to fix all the problems she has to face to the very best of her abilities for her sake and that of the people close to her.

I think it is a great book that really puts you in Annabelle's view and how she puts other people before her self. It makes you feel sympathetic when you see the situations people are put in and how it feels to not have much of a say and when people don't believe you even when you see the picture more clearly. Personally I think it is a great book and I am sure you will to.

Posted on: 4th June 2017 at 04:08 pm

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