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BB, Haileybury College

Beyond the Bright Sea

I liked this book because it was very interesting. All of the characters were great fun but my favourite person was Crow. I liked her personality and the mystery she wanted to solve was very interesting. I also liked the man that tried to steal the leftovers on Penikese island. My favourite part was when she went back to main land and found out about her brother from the person working in the children's place. I also liked Osh but he was a bit too caring as he didn't want her to find her real parents which was a bit unfair. Miss Maggie was also a very kind person as she didn't have to do anything for Osh and Crow and could have been like the rest of the crowd going against them but instead she kindly cooks meals for them and helps Crow find her real parents. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who wanted to read a Carnegie book. I would rate this 10 out of 10.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 01:27 pm

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