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Jessica, Swanshurst School Greenaway Group

Town is by the Sea

I like the way the pictures are designed he has used ink paint which really makes the pictures stand out. I like the way the sun hits the sea it really looks real. Also he has drawn the 4 pictures of the door which show that the family is waiting for him until he comes home. In every single door the reflection of the sun is moving which shows that the time is going past but the dad is not coming. Also the pictures are not accurate but it is really detailed. In the picture they are all togheter to show how much they worry about each other and the theme of love. In one of the pictures the illustrator has shown that the boys dad goes to a very dark deep place where you cannot even see anything. The pictures suggest that the family doesn't want the dad to go and mine. One of the pictures the family have this dark shadow underneath the table to show that the dads job is affecting everyone in the family. In the picture the boy looks happy but in the inside he is scared and worried for his dad.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 01:41 pm

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