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Kathryn, Sir Roger Manwoods School

After the Fire

The Lord's Legion is a place of worship and love towards God. Anyone who isn't part of the Lord's Legion is a Servant of the Serpent, and the biggest enemies are the Government. But when a fire starts and destroys 'The Base' and many people are killed, the survivors of the Lord's Legion are put to the test in the outside world.

Moonbeam knows the dark secrets that lie beneath the Legions' misleading surface, the violence, hatred and pain is what is at it's core. But Moonbeam cannot let the violence continue. Will she betray Father John, God's messenger, or will she finally burst? Will she tell the people that are trying to help her into her dark past? Will Moonbeam stay faithful to God and her Brothers and Sisters, or will she finally be free in the outside world?
After The Fire is a thrilling and dark novel that leaves you in shock, awe and terror all at once.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 01:54 pm

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