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Jeff, Aylsham High School

Wolf Hollow

Review on “Wolf Hollow”

Wolf Hollow was written by Lauren Wolk and is set in World War 2. It follows the character Annabelle as she finds herself being bullied by a new girl at school called Betty. Annabelle doesn’t think this girl is important and tries to carry on with normal life. But then Betty goes missing and Annabelle goes on a mental journey to find out what is happening in Wolf Hollow along with the former-soldier Toby, who doesn’t talk much but is an interesting character and develops throughout the story. Annabelle’s family is also quite supportive of her throughout the book and helps to develop the story as a whole.
This story is set in a place called Wolf Hollow somewhere in America. It doesn’t tell you much about the place, probably because the character doesn’t actually live there. It seems like a nice place with friendly people trying to get through the war. It also shows that even the most secluded of places is affected by problems.
Personally, I didn’t really like this book because there wasn’t much of a main story and what it says on the blurb only covers the first half of the book. This also means that the book is still unknown to the reader even after reading the blurb. This book also doesn’t move away from the place called Wolf Hollow so there isn’t much of an adventure.
Though my opinion is quite negative, I could see how people like it. There are many characters with complex backgrounds. The area that they are in is also a very interesting place as it is quite secluded and unknown to the rest of the world. This shows that the characters may not know much about the war and what Toby has been through. Toby was probably the most interesting character and I encourage people to focus your attention on his story.
I found that the genre of this story seems to be quite dark in its own way which could appeal to some people, but I don’t like those kind of books personally. I also found that it was a kind of adventure but set in a tiny village which creates a new kind of genre in itself.
I also didn’t like Annabelle’s motivations for not telling her parents about Betty: “Although she, of all women on earth, was capable and strong, I had it in mind to spare her this particular battle.” In this quote taken from the book she is talking about her mum. She then goes on to worry about how her mother would have to go round to Betty’s house and about if Betty came back for her and her brothers. I don’t think this makes sense at all because none of the book would have happened if Annabelle just told her mother. Though I do understand why it happened because bullying wasn’t a very important matter in those times. And it also creates a small story in itself.
In conclusion, I didn’t enjoy this book because the setting wasn’t very good and the blurb didn’t give enough information to the reader. The saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But this can’t be right since you judge a book by its back cover (the blurb). I’m afraid to say that when a person picks up this book and reads the blurb, they may be excited by it, but, however, they will only be excited by half of it and then be surprised (in a good or bad way) that the book has another half to go. Most people, though, will probably enjoy this book because it is very emotional and unpredictable. Even though I didn’t like it, I advise to read it and enjoy it for yourself. Thank you for reading my response on “Wolf Hollow” by Lauren Wolk.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 10:21 am

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