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A, Abbot Beyne School

Where the World Ends

Where the World Ends in my opinion is not my type of book as it isn't as interesting as it made itself seem at times. The plot includes a group of fowlers with adults getting stuck on a stac when no one comes to pick them up. The story is sometimes hard to understand what is going on so I had to reread certain parts just to know what is going on not to mention it being set in Scotland at an older period of time and it using colloquial language. Moreover it is based on a true story so it is to be expected that it gets boring at time. However that does not mean that it does not have great moments throughout its plot with little twists which end up affecting the story later on. I think that I would have enjoyed the story more if it was less based on the true story but that's only my preference.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 03:33 pm

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