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Giovanni, Chesterton, the EAL Adventure

Salt to the Sea

This book tells about a dramatic catastrophe that the readers can live through the eyes of the four main characters: Joana, Florian Emilia, Alfred. The chapters are named after each of these characters and a word symbolises each of their stories: guilt, fate, shame, fear.
Each protagonist is from a different part of the world and carries a different heavy story with them. They meet each other in the first pages of the book except for Alfred who is going to meet the other later in the book. They all will face up this catastrophe, someone will survive and someone else will not.
I found this book interesting, and the way in which the author makes the story be seen from different points of view was very interesting: each protagonist tells his version of the story. This makes the book have 4 protagonists. I have never read a book written in this way and I think that this idea is really innovative. However I found it sometime a bit repetitive and hard to read as each protegonist tells too many times the same thing.
The first and the last pages of the book were really touching and dramatic and I felt very sad whilst I was reading them but I liked the book.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 11:39 am

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