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Christine, Swanshurst School

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond The Bright Sea:

Lauren Wolk:
-Born in Baltimore
-Poet and writer
-Has won the John Newbery Medal
-Has also written Wolf Hollow and Fire

Throughout this book , I occasionally felt fear and sympathy for the characters , especially Crow , and this let me learn about the capability of this author. Lauren Wolk sets this book in 1913 , on one of the Elizabeth islands. Crow - who was washed up on the island {at just a few hours old} - comes into the caring arms of a man named Osh and his neighbour Miss Maggie. Slowly but surely , Crow wonders about her true identity;clues that lead up to 'Crow'make her wonder if she is actually the 'dead' daughter of her 'parents'. Morgan. The question is : is she the long lost child?


1. Ouote: Looking at the storm and not getting caught
inside of it' {pg.37}
Answer: This quote is said by Osh when he tries to
tell Crow that she shouldn't get her head stuck in the
situation. This quote is the meaningful to me
because it is teaching us to keep our head in the
'game' and to not get yourself muddled in your

2. Ouote: 'And it doesn't matter what anyone has to say
about it' {pg.37}
Answer: The quote is stated by Osh when he is trying
to tell Crow that even if she ends up being from the
Penikese island - which in her opinion is awful - that
she should keep her head up high as it doesn't matter
what your background is.{Crow was worried if people
would judge her} This quote is very important
to me because it is teaching the reader that you
should always do what is right for you and that the
opinion of others dosen't matter.


As things got deeper into the book and everything hung over the edge of the cliff , I began to feel an obtuse sense of melancholy because Crow didn't want want Osh to be her guardian/father anymore but instead , to be with what was left of her family. This made me upset because Osh was there for Crow ever since she was just a few hours old. When I was on the last page of the book , I felt really happy as the quote ' an island is the best kind of home' gives a life lesson. After all the news that Osh , Miss Maggie and Crow were bombarded with , Crow learns that family doesn't mean your blood but instead , the ones who have been with you time and time again. I was also very contented when it states in the book ' happiness is where - and who - we want to be'. That quote is very meaningful because the word 'happiness' is the key to life.

This book is absolutely AMAZING. One reason why I love it is because there are many lessons to learn ; another reason why I love this book is because the author in which she engages you is incredible. I recommend this book to people of all ages and I DEFINITELY will read this again.

Rating : 5/5

by Christine

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 04:14 pm

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