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Amelia, Litcham School

Where the World Ends

I really loved this book. Based on a true story it tells the story of Quill and his friends who find themselves abandoned on an harsh island. Is it the end of the world? This book was incredibly powerful and emotive. I loved how the author developed every character not just the main character. Each character had their own dreams, fears and secrets. As a reader I felt emotionally connected to every character. Despite being separated by circumstance and many years I found I could relate to the character. The book also explored many themes. One of the most interesting was how the book explored religion. It was fascinating seeing the power Cole Cane held over the boys due to his religious connection. I think the book raises interesting ideas about the role of religion in everyday life. In the end it was not the oppressive religion preached by Cane that gave the boys hope it was the freedom and joy of Quill's stories. I loved reading the little details that were peppered throughout the book e.g. the uses of body parts of the birds. The details helped to immerse the reader within the story. I felt the book was a homage to the art of storyelling and the joy it brings. It is the power of storytelling that allows Quill and the boys to survive on the island. I found this very poignant. The message of the power of storytelling is one that we should all champion.

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 04:38 pm

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