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Camelia, Keep Calm and Carnegie

Wed Wabbit

Do not be fooled by the cover.

At first, it seems as a book for young children, but as you read on, it is clear to see that is not the case.

Wed Wabbit is a hilarious, gripping story that I couldn't stop laughing to. Minnie, Fidge's sister, seems to be obsessed with telly-tubby like creature called Wimbley Woos. However, after many months of the same story being red out to Minnie, Fidge starts to hate them more and more. But in the blink of an eye she's faced with a near impossible quest- fight 3000 of her worst enemies. And that's not even the worst bit! She's stuck with her awful cousin Graham! Fidge is sure he pretends to be afraid of nearly everything for attention and despises him. Yet in this situation so deep and difficult, they have to become allies and fight together for freedom. It's not going to be easy though with Wed Wabbit watching every step. The characters are believable, and I could imagine some people I know myself taking up the role of the characters.

DEFINITELY recommend to everyone, a star read. 5/5

Posted on: 1st May 2018 at 09:01 pm

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