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Mr Purdie, KRS All Stars

Where the World Ends

I really enjoyed this book. I learned a lot of the history of St Kilda and the wildlife of the Scottish Islands. I thought it was a very cleverly constructed story using the inspiration of a real event from history (of which little is actually known). I find it sad that today St Kilda is completely abandoned so they have lost their traditions. I am teaching Lord of the Flies at the moment so I really liked the cross-overs with this book: what does it mean to be civilised? What happens when you are trapped for an indefinite period of time with a group of young people? Of course, as with all texts of this nature, it is about the psychology of the group and how this plays out: the behaviour of the adults was particularly interesting. [SPOILERS AHEAD] As I read in the Afterword, the reality of the small pox outbreak was much more devastating than the description in this book - this made the ending sadder, in my opinion.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 09:07 am

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