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Mr Purdie, KRS All Stars

After the Fire

What most intrigued me about this book was that it was written by a British man but narrated as an American female teenager. It's always interesting when an author sets up a challenge like this. I did enjoy the book a lot - it reminded me of texts like The Hunger Games and Divergent: a strong female voice. Some interesting twists and turns. Like Where the World Ends, based on true events (well, inspired by Waco) which, like the author, I remember...vaguely. And, as with Where the World Ends, it made me rethink these true events: what happened at Waco and the aftermath for the survivors. I always like it when a book makes me look at things afresh with a new perspective. My only niggle is I found the narrator a little irritating at times 'It's all my fault' etc. but that's just a minor quibble for a good book.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 09:10 am

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