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The main character, Zen Sterling, is an intelligent, charismatic figure that really relates to the audience. The book 'Railhead' is about intergalactic trains that transport the ones that are helpful to the Guardians freely in comfort, but can leave other on abandoned planets fighting for survival. I think that Zen lacks a playful element although supplied in ample in the other characters. Explorations of creativity, gender, intelligence and humanity make characters such as Flex, who is an intriguing persona that slips through traditional definitions in a number of ways, really come to life.

So there's some brilliant stuff going on in Railhead, and I would certainly recommend it if you're looking for a lighter version of a space adventure to get stuck into, or if you have a child who is looking for an introduction to the worlds of sci fi.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 02:11 pm

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