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Mrs Hall, Priory School

Wolf Hollow

I enjoyed the writing style of Wolf Hollow as settling into the story was rather like easing into a comfy armchair. As the story develops the adept skills of the writer are shown; Wolk gently pulled me into the plot and then began to develop the relationship between Toby and Annabelle. As events unravel, attitudes and morality are questioned by Annabelle and it becomes a coming of age story. Interestingly Annabelle's perspective shifts and somehow towards the end of the book it appears Annabelle's adult self interjects and her reflection blends with her childhood memories to make powerful observations on inequality, fairness and small mindedness. Wolk's character of Toby was sadly tragically believable and made tears fall at the pain of his suffering. It was an unforgetable read and proved to be time well invested - wonderful.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 02:13 pm

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