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Muntaha, Oxted

Wolf Hollow

This was quite a gentle read for me. I really liked the way we were introduced to all the characters through the eyes of Annabelle and I found her a really nice character to follow along with and connect with. She was kind and gentle but at the same time, she was sharp and clever. She was able to stick up for herself and do what needed to be done. I like how through Annabelle we were introduced to the townspeople, the school, the teachers and the other farmers and given some lessons here and there on to how things were run. I really loved Annabelle's family - with the exception of her Aunt Lily who was a bit of a dragon - and her relationship with her mom and dad was refreshing. Her quiet and protective love for her brothers was also great and something I could identify with. Annabelle's connection and relationship with Toby was quite profound and I really loved their scenes together and how she seemed to be a source of comfort for him where he could talk about the demons from the war that haunted him. There was nothing odd or uncomfortable about their relationship - more like an older uncle and his niece, or as Toby said a man with a daughter he wished was his. The ending was bittersweet but I enjoyed Annabelle's acceptance of events and how everything was laid to rest. I really enjoyed this story...

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 02:29 pm

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