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Ellie Y8, NDAllstars

King of the Sky

I liked the front cover, it is quite bright and colourful. it shows an old man holding a pigeon and a young boy. Inside there is a single, solitary bird on the telegraph wires looking lonely. The picture of the mining town shows steep hills, the pastel colours are smudged and blurry, giving it a smoky atmosphere. The first picture of the boy shows him looking sad and isolated, I felt sorry for him. The pictures show opposites, the welsh town is dark, depressing and dull but the Italian capital is shown in bright, warm colours, however, what both places have in common is that pigeons are happy to live there and this shows that the boy could be too. As the boy makes a new friend of the old miner, we see him smile when he gets the pigeon to name it and he looks happier. I think this is also represented by the sky being brighter in the illustration where they are taking the pigeons to the station to go on a race. When it is time for the international race, the old man is too ill to do the preparations but he has taught the boy what to do and he does it, we see him with the clip board. After the birds have left for the big race, the weather in Wales changes and gets stormy, it looks depressing and I think the darkness matches the mood of the boy because he thinks the bird might stay in Rome, just like he would like to go back himself. Again, we see the contrast between the warm climate in Italy and the cold, miserable Wales, with the boy looking glumly out of the window, searching for the return of the pigeons across the dark , stormy sky. On the next page, a single bird is flying over the mountains on his way home and the silhouette of the bird in the dark, dark night sky is very effective as it flies over the sea. The boy and the family next door keep a look out for the birds coming home and they are delighted to see the King of the Sky come back and the boy jumps for joy as well. I think this book is all about looking to the future, being comfortable and finding happiness and friendship in new surroundings. It is also about not giving up, having faith and seeing things through to the end. I think children age 7+ would understand this but younger ones might just like the pictures. I would only give it 7/10 because I would have liked to see the boy's family in it as well.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 11:49 am

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