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Frida, Sidcot School

The Hate U Give

This book has personally seemed very sentimental and at the same time very shocking. If I had to describe it with a word, I would say INTENSE. A teenager with a normal life, is subjected to start a war with the kings of drugs because some policemen shot his friend in front of him one night in his car.
Starr has been educated since she was very young, how to act in front of the police, because her life has always been surrounded by risks and illegal problems. and I like so much as it narrates what it is to live in a world in which even your neighborhood scares you, and in which even people you thought you were friends with, insult you because of the different skin tone.
i think the characters are very well described, With just one paragraph you can already imagine what exactly that person is like and I also think that the way in which the story is written is perfect with the theme of the book. The fact that the writer uses a more "teenager" language, makes you get more into the book and live the story as if it would be real. And I also like the fact that what happens in the story is something that really happens in real life even if we do not realize it. It makes you reconsider what other people's situations can be like.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 12:29 pm

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