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Shiryes, Colton's Keen Readers

Wed Wabbit

To begin with, Wed Wabbit is quite an intriguing book that takes place in the real world and the land of the Wimbley Woos. It is about a young girl named Fidge who is on a "mission" to return Wed Wed Wabbit...Why?

Fidge and her younger sister Minnie were going shopping to get some items before they go on holiday with their mum. Fidge despises Wed Wabbit (her younger sister's favorite toy) and ends up kicking it only for it to land on the road. Minnie tries to save her rabbit but instead gets hit by a car.

Fidge is sent to stay with her cousin Graham whilst Minnie is in hospital. She needs to take Wed Wabbit to her sister and has to go down to the basement to retrieve him. She falls down the stairs and magically appears in Wimbley Woo. In my opinion the way the author describes this fantastical place was just not vivid enough and I found I had to rely on the map in the beginning of the book. The Wimbley Woos were described as cylinder dustbins which - to me - lacked creativity. I do however, like the action that occurs but I found it too childish to continue reading.

I would recommend this book to those in the upper years of primary as they can read longer books and the theme may be to their liking. I would also recommend this to older readers because I have a feeling that this might be an allegory with how the grey wimbleys were captured and how they were kind of living in a world with a dictator. I would say to try it out and see what you think!

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 01:24 pm

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