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Mrs Hall, Priory School

Salt to the Sea

Unbelievably 9,0000 civilians drowned on the Wilhelm Gustloff in 1945. The story talks through the four protagonists, Florian, Joana, Emilia and Alfred. It is an uncomfortable read because at the back of your mind you know it will not end well. It is as if the story was written in black and white with the only strong colour being Emilia's pink hat. Septy's manages to weave threads of hope by moving the story forward through the children. The journey is an exhausting ordeal but not without inspirational and uplifting moments too. It is a story that could not have been written just after the event, it is one that required the passing of time to allow for forgiveness. The Shoe Poet is magical and his character helps us to walk in the shoes of these poor people who went through this ordeal.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 04:08 pm

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