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Mia, Sutton Girls

The Smell of Other People's Houses

I truly loved this book. I truly utterly adored it!!! It was such a gripping story with so much description and involvement with each character. However, my only sadness was that is was quite short and I wanted to read more.

The authors writing is just AMAZING! I was transported to a new unusual world of all the four individuals, honestly I could smell, taste and see visually the surroundings. Do you know how hard that is for the author to be able to produce work like that? But this book kind of swallowed me in, with one big gulp. The whole 'Smell of other houses' title is reflecting on the worlds of four families and how different they are.

This book has four different narrators...but they are all incredibly different and interesting. Normally when there are swaps of characters I can get confused but definitely not here. The way each person is portrayed makes it easier to read and understand.

Basically we have Ruth: who lives with her gran who kind of hates her for being a teen pregnancy case. Then there's Dora who comes from a super abusive family which is SO SAD and she's such a scared but angry kid. Also Alyce: who is a ballerina! But also a fisherman! And she wants to dance, but also please her dad. Lastly, there's Hank: Who has run away with his two little brothers from his bad home life. All these people are amazing and wonderful!

I would highly recommend this book to others as it's so engrossing and perfect: it was hard to put down!! Thanks Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock for letting me experience reading a treasure like this.

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 05:47 pm

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