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Luc, College Pierre et Marie Curie, College Les Hauts Grillets, College Lycee International, British Section

Where the World Ends

This extraordinary soul-stirring read transports us to the very heart of Quill's emotions in a spellbinding style. As the desperation shown by the religious band of young boys grows stronger with every irritating minute, Geraldine McCaughrean embeds us into her thunderous and somehow mythical story. What is the most enchanting is the fact the whole thing is based on a true story.
The book talks about some interesting aspects of life. The reason why the group of boys are sent to the "Rock" in the first place is to ensure there is enough food for the St Kildans to survive over the winter, and the annual expedition also helps transform the island's boys into men. Once they are there the work goes well, and they are highly successful in killing large numbers of seabirds. But when the time arrives for the boat to collect them, no one comes. Surely only the end of the world can explain why their families didn't show up in order to bring them back to St Kilda?

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 02:31 pm

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