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Ruby, Chobham Academy Book Group

The Stars at Oktober Bend

I really loved this book and I was truly captivated by the story, I couldn't put it down!
It is so beautiful how Glenda Millard tells the story of a girl called Alice who has a problem with her brain and she wants to fit in but she can't help sticking out which causes people to pick on her. Her best friend who has looked after Alice her whole life is her brother Joey but what will happen when her Joey falls in love? We then follow the story through that love story and we see how that effects Alice. But little do we know Alice has a love story of her own.
Alice has a passion for poetry and she writes poems and drops them around town without thinking anyone would actually read them, however it turns out someone is and that someone is boy called Manny. Manny doesn't know it's Alice dropping the poems but they happen to meet after Alice's ballet class because manny has football training in there next and they tallk and he realises it's Alice's poems he's been reading. You might think it would be a happy love story from there but as you can now guess it's not. You see Mannys friends on the football team are really mean to Alice and they are trying to keep Manny away from Alice they are also trying to keep Tilda Alice's brothers love away from Alice's brother which mean Joey Alice's brother leaves Alice on her own quite a lot meaning Alice has time to meet up with Manny. We then follow these to beautiful love stories until they blossom and everyone is happy.
My favourite character was definitely Manny as on his chapters we get to read Alice's poems and I also felt like he was quite a relatable character. I also love his character because for most of the book he has this mysterious hidden past that we don't know about except for the fact he feels really guilty about it and that brought that sense of mystery into the book. He also seems as if he is just trying to live an ordinary life which is something most of us try and do everyday which makes him more relatable. Manny is also just a really kind loving down to earth soul and I think I would definitely want to be friends with him if the story became a reality!
My one criticism is that I thought the ending could of been a bit bigger and more emotional as I didn't feel quite as connected to the ending as I felt to the rest of the book. But other than that I loved the book and I would highly recommend it!

Posted on: 5th June 2017 at 08:11 pm

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