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Anna, St Helen and St Katharine

Beyond the Bright Sea

I was browsing Waterstones, eager to spend a book voucher, when this book caught my eye. The cover was attractive, the blurb interesting, and it was by Lauren Wolk, one of my favourite authors who wrote Wolf Hollow (which I recently read). I eagerly bought it, and I was very lucky when it popped up on the Carnegie Shortlist, and I was already halfway through. On that night of the Carnegie tea, I sat down and finished it! At 9pm my dad came in and had to stop me reading, but I managed to finish it then. Now I will tell you what kept me reading and gripped in this book.

This book is written from the perspective of an 11 year old girl, Crow. Yes, her name is actually
Crow. I have to say, if I were the man who found her, I would have called her something more
appealing. She lives on a small island near a mainland, and in this book, her quest is to find out who
she is, who her parents are, and where she came from. As the blurb clearly states, she washed up on
the island with barely anything. A letter, a ring, a birthmark. And she was only a baby.

At the beginning of the book, I had the same hunger as crow to find out where she came from. If she sent a letter to someone who might know anything, I had the same impatient waiting as her. The character “Osh”, the man who found Crow, and who she lives with, could also be annoying at times. He was always telling Crow to not worry about her past, or who were her real family were. Just to enjoy what she has now and look to the future. I mean, really Osh? If I didn’t know who made me I would REALLY want to know. However, what surprised me at the end was how even though she never gets to meet her true brother, I found that my hunger, like hers, had died down. I did not really mind about not meeting her brother, and it was the same with her. As if Osh had actually persuaded me as well, or maybe it was that I was just happy with her finding out who her parents were. However I don’t think I have ever read a book were I am fully content with the ending, and were my feelings match the character’s like this one. That’s is one of the things I think makes this book special.

Furthermore, I felt this book had a good balance of emotions. It was not to soppy, it had action, fear, and questions. I think every good book needs a good dose of these. It never at any moment droned on, especially not nearing the end. As well as being on a curious quest, Crow was also on a dangerous quest. At times those closest to Crow were captured, ad even in the police’s clutches, the bad guy manages to escape. It certainly kept me entertained and turning the pages. Overall, I think the book was gripping, peaceful, reflective and at times, annoying in a good way (if that makes sense). I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and I hope you likes my review.

Posted on: 21st March 2018 at 12:22 pm

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