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Olivia, Priory School

Wed Wabbit

I didn't particularly like this book at the beginning, I found it quite odd and didn't really get the story. but once I got more into the book I started to really like it. I thought the plot was quite interesting and I could relate to booth Fidge and Graham they contrasted really well to each other. I liked the moral element to the story and the way problems and situtaions were reflected or presented in Wimbly Woo. I found it quite hard to read at times especially to understand what Minnie and Wed Wabbit were saying with the 'r's being 'w's. I liked how the Wimbley Woos had two personalities, one that was obvious and one that you had to find in the Wimbley Woos. Overall the book was really good.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 03:56 pm

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