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kit, Faringdon Community College

After the Fire

After the Fire is a mind boggling, thought twisting story on the effect of a traumatic accident. Moonbeam is at the end of a horrible Christian cult called the Lord's Legion. At the beginning Moonbeam is laying on the ground as the FBI and ADF storm the compound of the cult. Based on the Waco siege this story is a mind wrencher for the strong minded (not trying to ruin the story) whilst we envision the life of one of the survivors from the storm of the Lord's Legion compound as she gets questioned by agent Carlyle and doctor Hernandez about the doings of the Lord's Legion. It also delves into the thoughts of young Moonbeam as she contends with Father John screaming in her head. With the clever style of telling the story you will learn more and more as you support Moonbeam to the very end and learn the truth from their lives. As you shudder with horror and laugh at some odd pun this is a great story for 13+ to enjoy. But be warned that there are other things to be wary of. I really enjoyed this book. I will rate this book 4 stars and put a careful warning for sensitive readers out there.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 04:02 pm

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