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Wilf SHD, Bryanston Carnegie Club



Not The Rook or A Rook Just Rook takes the reader throw the journey of an embarrassed teen and his struggles. It is a relatable book capturing in detail the embarrassment of school, girls, and friends. But it is the journey that the book conveys so well, like a machine the book changes not only the characters themselves but the writer's opinion of them. The main character Nicky terns from a solemn devoted closed person to a freer and open one. Even though this book carries humor there is gravity set in stone from the beginning as we fined Nicky Brother Kenny has learning-difficulty and is picked on as a result. Nicky is not immune to this bullying and is challenged with Peat Stanhope, to make matters worse he finds he is in Love with his sister! Non the less these brothers are as close as ever and remain that way throughout the book. All taken into account Rook is a progressive book into the understanding and emotion the classic teenage life holds. And in my eyes, it does a superb job. This book has humor, gravity and “I know its cheesy, love”- Anthony McGowan, Rook.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 04:14 pm

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