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Greta SHD, Bryanston Carnegie Club


I just started reading the book Rook by Anthony McGowan two days ago. I am almost through it and am enjoying it very much. The book is not really all about a rook, it is about a boy, his family, a rook and life. Nicky is in year 9 (our year) and he and his brother have just found a rook that is barely alive, so they take it home and look after it. The last time that this happened it was a badger they found and looking after it helped his family, but this time it is not his family who need help it is him. Everything is hard enough at school but add in an absentee mother, school bullies and a girl you like who you don't know how to talk, everything gets a whole lot harder. Nicky has a secret. He has a crush on a girl called Sarah Stanhope who is the sister of Pete Stanhope the leader of the three boys who bully him from the year above. Nicky can never find the words to talk to her. He does not think that she will hang out with him because of himself, his geeky friends and his dyslexic brother, who Pete and his friends used to bully as well. Nicky has a lot on his mind and does not really know how to handle it because he can't talk to anyone about his secret. Hopefully this new found rook he and his family are looking after could shed some light for poor Nicky. I think this is a really good book, it is enjoyable, easy to read and a really good coming of age sort of thing. So if you are in need of a good read you should definitly read Rook by Anthony McGowan.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 04:17 pm

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