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Hayley, Christ's Shadowers


This is a very short book about a boy with learning difficulties, a rook and his brother who was bullied. I found it interesting, I liked the start and I liked the way it shows the brother of someone with learning difficulties, not a person who personally is affected. It was a different perspective.
The book starts when Kenny and Nicky find a rook that’s been mauled by a sparrow hawk and they try to nurse it back to health. Whilst this is happening, Nicky is being bullied by Peter and his cronies- whilst also managing to have a crush on his sister. After mustering all of his courage, Nicky tries to fight Peter one on one, manages one push, and Peter has an epileptic fit. Immediately, Nicky is found by a teacher and accused of bullying. With Sarah ( Peter's sister ) help, he manages to get back on track and un-expelled.
I found the ending quite abrupt although rounding most things up nicely. I would have enjoyed maybe a chapter on Sarah and Kenny's point of view.
Overall, although easy it was a good but not memorable or fantastic book. I don’t think that it’s winning material.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 05:52 pm

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