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Nicole, Lyng Hall Readers

Saint Death

Saint Death: a story about freedom, pain, violence, friendship and death.

Saint Death is about a man called Arturo who lives in Anapra, Mexico. He lives in poverty like many others in Anapra, where the Police do nothing and the town is ruled by gangs.

Arturo begins to consider his purpose in life. What is there for him to do? When, after a year away, his friend Faustino comes back to Anapra and he needs Arturo's help. However, this will drag Arturo into the world of crime as Faustino needs to get money back for a gang he is part of but trying to escape.

Arturo learns secrets about his past, lessons about life and the price of freedom.

Arturo as a character is portrayed as a deep, meaningful thinker, whether it is about the past present or future. He is astute but also reckless at times.

Faustino is shown to be determined; as a child he had life changing injuries, but despite this carries on for what he wants. He is ferociously loyal and will take risks for those he cares about, without considering the consequences.

This crime based novel that reflects the true experiences of many young men drawn into gang crime will have you gripped til the end.

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 07:13 pm

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