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Rebecca, Lale2017

The Journey

The cover of this book is/looks very abstract, I think that it makes you want to read it by all the things going on in it. I think that most of the pictures inside of the book relate to what the actual story tells. I think that the images and text are consistent with each other. I do think the illustrations enhance the text because I think that when you look at the pictures and then read the text, it helps picture whats going on in the book. I think the pictures are clear and accurate.

I did enjoy this book because I liked how exotic and abstract the illustrations are and how the writer said in the 'Author's Note', 'This book is a collage of all those personal stories and the incredible strength of the people within them.'

My lasting impression of this book is that it is sad to have war going on in other countries. It made me think how important it is not to start war and how terrible it would be if you lost your home or someone you cared about just because of it.

I learned from this book that people in war have become refugees and that how strong they are, and they persevere and walk for miles. They have to escape from their home and leave everything behind.

Posted on: 4th April 2017 at 06:24 pm

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