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SSKitty, Keep Calm and Carnegie

Beyond the Bright Sea

When I first read the blurb for the book ,I was sure that the book was a fantasy book ,as the idea of a having a baby girl being washed up on a island in a skiff with only a ring and a smudged letter is usually the start of an adventure fantasy story. To my surprise, the story was almost exactly the opposite ,as it is actually set on a real island (Cuttyhunk) which lies among the Elizabethan islands and the Pekinese island ,which was home to many lepers is true.
This tells me not to judge a book by its blurb!

I found the story was very stretched and slow. Unlike many stories, I find that the author goes on and on when trying to quench Crow's hunger for news about her family. This makes the story stretched and the plot eventually becomes boring.

I also didn't favor the ending which leaves Crow comforted ,but should (in my opinion) leave Crow trying to find her brother. The author's ending is tranquil ,when there is still one more question of Crow's unanswered - Where is my brother?

Hope you enjoy the book!!!

Posted on: 2nd May 2018 at 08:40 pm

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