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Daniel, Larkmead Secondary School

Salt to the Sea

Germany, World War 2, 4 people, 1 aim. To get to the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship that will give them a chance of survival.But it takes a long time to get there. They will discover secrets, never told by any person before? Mysteries that have never been solved before. Survival is their main objective, but in the strength of it all, survival might be impossible. They live their lives scared of what might be ahead, or might be behind them. But the main question is, will they make it in time?

This book is a bit confusing. It is sometimes hard to keep up with what is happening with each character. But it is very good. It is packed with drama and is a real heart hitter. I would recommend this book for 13+ because of the sexual references. This book would definitely be a worthy winner!

Posted on: 6th June 2017 at 01:53 pm

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