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Haydn , Chobham Academy Book Group

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

I am reviewing the illustrations for this book.
During the first few chapters of the book, the illustrations resemble something found in a children's book with two or three gothic pictures which are found later on in the book. The art style makes you feel as though you reading an ordinary children's book but that changes when you see a gothic picture of Hagrid flying over streets, but then it goes back the child like style. The first picture found in the book is half of Hogwarts found as soon as you open the book. The final picture is the whole of Hogwarts on a rock mound which is found on the final page and the back board. The front cover is the exact same image as on page 81(The front of the Hogwarts express). Most of the pictures are exaggerated versions of J.K Rowling's text where as others are pictures that are from books within the story or a portrait. These are put in place for either extra information or for show. The pictures are either one page or half page and sometimes smaller. Sometimes the pictures will spread across two pages and have a lot of detail. Although it isn't my favourite picture or favourite part of the story, my favourite page is 171 because the page is black with white text. This is because the illustration next to the page is Harry Potter peering into the Mirror of Erised in a shadowy, dimly-lit room. My favourite picture is the one that spreads across pages 204 and 205. The picture is a dark forest with blacks, blues and greys while a pure white unicorn lights up the place as she eats grass. The picture look as though the animators/storyboard designers for Tim Burton movies met up with the illustrator for Roald Dahl's books and designed this and it works really well and I would recommend this book to anyone, if not for the story than for the beautiful illustrations.

Posted on: 6th June 2017 at 01:57 pm

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