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Nicole, St Gregory's Bath

The Stars at Oktober Bend

When I first picked up the book I did not think I'd enjoy it as much as I have! Personally I found it was a beautiful book with lots of emotions that was written with absolute care.Both main characters Alice and Manny(who's perspectives we see the story from) have different pasts that are very different. In Alice's past she was injured in the brain and as a result she now expresses her feeling through touching poems; these poems really make a difference to the book as it makes it stand out more and helps us to feel/understand more about the character herself. The story is a love tradegy in some ways and if it wasn't for Manny seeing his poem writer on the roof by the river all friendships and adventure would be lost....

After reading it I now really enjoy it and would recommend it to all!!!

Posted on: 6th June 2017 at 02:19 pm

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