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Paula, Library Helpers

Wild Animals of the North

I think this book is really good for the younger kids because next to the animals it tells you information and facts about the animal. I think the younger children will learn lots about this book also because there is a really clear picture about the animal in the side so you know what the information is about. The book also tells you the description of the animal and how it looks like.
I think the negative thing about the book is that it does not have and index and there is just a paragraph worth of facts, information and description. What I would do to make it better I would turn the information into paragraphs and maybe do the location so people know where the animals are. Also I would make an index so people could see all the different types of animals there are in the book and the index could be useful if they are finding one specific animal they could just do it quick ad they are already in the page so its quicker.

Posted on: 6th June 2017 at 04:22 pm

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