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Holly, Larkmead Secondary School

Wolf Hollow

Annabelle is a young girl forced to make friends with a girl called Betty who she really doesn't like. Betty is actually a Bully but blames everything she does, to the people who are close to Annabelle, on an innocent man called Toby. Toby is known for being slightly strange carrying guns on his back because of the memories he has of when he was fighting in the war. Annabelle knows that everything that had happened was Betty, yet she has never said anything to her family. When will Annabelle admit what is going on? Will there be a time for her to admit it?

I loved this book because it is a story about a true girls friendship with someone who could be considered as lonely. It is a great book because it is like being in the mind of someone who has encountered bullying. I was always wanting to pick this book up.

Posted on: 6th June 2017 at 07:53 pm

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