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Heather, Cheney School

Beyond the Bright Sea

'Beyond the Bright Sea by Lauren Wolk tells the story of Crow, who washed up on an island as a baby. The only things which can tell her anything about her past are a letter (although only a few words have survived) and a ring.
I think that this book could be based on 'The Tempest', as they both include people growing up away from most people, on islands, but both are also very different.
In my opinion, the book was a bit cliched, as there are many stories which include people trying to find their parents, so I don't think it was very original.
The characters are all very mysterious,which keeps the reader reading, as they want to find out their past or secrets. The villain is slightly clueless, but this doesn't stop him form being evil!
In conclusion, I think that this book was exciting, and deserved to be nominated for the award!

Posted on: 3rd May 2018 at 03:50 pm

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