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奧德修斯 or Οδυσσέας, Glossopdale Community College

Wolf Hollow

'Wolf Hollow' is a book based around the little town of Wolf Hollow in Pennsylvania, and is set during the second world war.

One day, when a young girl (Betty) goes missing, the blame gets put on Toby (the wanderer that lives outside the small town). Annabelle (another young girl), however, believes that Toby has done nothing wrong and in fact that it was just Betty. Annabelle must try to prove that Toby is innocent whilst not getting into trouble herself, and despite not knowing Toby that well. She will come to know more about him than she ever did before.

My favourite character is Toby. This is because he is a strong but quiet type and he is also really kind towards most people that he meets. Another thing that makes me like Toby is that he is humble. This makes me like him because it shows that he is not greedy and makes the most out of what he is given, whilst also being grateful for it.

My least favourite character is Betty. This is because she is quite mean to Toby because she blames him for her own actions. Another thing that makes me not like her is that she is able to get away with lying to everybody and she does not admit that she is lying because she is supposedly scared of Toby, even though he would never harm somebody that lives in the village. This makes me not like her because she makes herself seem totally innocent and a victim of Toby, when she is to blame for all of her misfortunes.

In Conclusion, I did enjoy 'Wolf Hollow' and would definitely recommend it to anybody that enjoys books that have events that are relatable, and to anybody that likes historical fiction novels.

I rate this story 5 stars out of five

Posted on: 7th June 2017 at 11:14 am

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