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Sandhya K, Glossopdale Community College

The Stars at Oktober Bend

This novel has a good structure and plot. It’s about a 15 year old girl called Alice Nightingale who has a hard time trying to express herself because of a tragic injury she had.

I really like the way that it flips through Manny’s and Alice’s perspectives. The use of different fonts for Manny and Alice shows that Manny has a clearer, fluent font and language. However, Alice doesn’t use correct punctuation that often such as capital letters; this links onto the plot as Alice has brain injury that causes her to speak differently to everyone else.

Furthermore, I like how Manny is kind to Alice and I also like how Alice shows her thoughts and feelings through paper, by making poems. She puts them around town so others can see it. This is what catches Manny’s attention and makes him want to know more about the author of the poems.

At first, I saw Manny as a mysterious character but further in the book his past life was revealed.
I found this book quite challenging as it was mainly Alice’s perspective and it was quite hard to understand her thoughts at first. So, that’s why I prefer Manny’s parts of the book as it was easier to understand.

Personally, I would recommend this to older pupils as younger students may not understand the plot as well, or to someone who likes challenging books.

I rate this novel three out of five as it can be quite hard to understand the plot at first.

Posted on: 7th June 2017 at 11:18 am

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