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Mrs. Taylor, #YBA Shadowing Metaphorical Book Eaters

The Hate U Give

I thought this book was a great read and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to Young Adult readers. The story is centred around the life of Starr Carter after she witnesses her friend being gunned down by a police officer.
The book is interesting and thought provoking. Starr is from a very poor neighbourhood but attends a very prestigious high school and so under pressure to always try and fit in socially into each very different environment. The book features blatant racism as well as more insidious, subtle racism as Starr is expected to laugh off the racist comments as her white friend explains in an irritated way, "I'm just joking!".
The tension builds in Starr's neighbourhood as Starr testifies in court and everyone waits for the verdict.

Posted on: 4th May 2018 at 12:15 pm

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