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Katie.G, Glossopdale School


Wow! This a was a great novel. "Rook" by Anthony McGowan is about a boy named Nicky, with his brother Kenny. Kenny has a learning difficulty so sometimes he finds it difficult to understand stuff. Nicky is struggling with a secret, a big secret he hasn't told to anybody. Only thing holding him back is a boy Peter, or known as Stanno in the book. But one day Nicky does something he shouldn't have and gets into a lot of trouble at school.

My favourite character has to be Kenny, he goes to a school for children with disorders or difficulties. I love how Kenny always forgives Nicky for everything he does and never lets anything get him down. Kenny makes a new best friend, Doctor Who, and tells Nicky about all the adventures they always have together.

Unfortunately, the book ends tedious. Yes Nicky does end up happy with his life, but you don't find out much about what happens after. He always talks of going to college or something big but the book never tells us what happens.

Another thing I don't really like about this book is the start, about the middle of it is when it starts getting interesting. At the start we learn about Rooky, the rook that Kenny and Nicky had found when they were in the woods walking Tina, their dog.

'Rook' is very short but the author manages to squeeze everything that happens in the novel without giving much detail at all. But even without the detail, with 'Rook' you can still create an image of what everything looks like in your head while reading.

If I were to rate this book I would give it a 4 stars out of 5, only because there were some bits I didn't really like.

But, this book was a wonderful novel and grabbed my attention as soon as I read the first page. I would definitely recommend reading this book.

Posted on: 4th May 2018 at 12:33 pm

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