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Eve, Faringdon Community College

After the Fire

After the fire is a book about finding your own version of the truth.
It follows the character of Moonbeam and what happened at the monastery where each of Father John's followers live.
Moonbeam grew up believing in the word of the prophet, believing that there was only good and evil. When her mother is sent away for heresy she starts to doubt what she has been told. Years later after a new friend arrives, the only one that she could safely tell how she felt. When he ran away after confiding in her everything started to fall apart. then there was the fire, the soldiers, the gunshots. The few survivors were sent to a government base where they were trying to find out about the truth in what happened.
Moonbeam had to find trust in new people, and tell them the truth. If she could face her truth. If she could find it in the world of lies she lived in.

The reader connects with Moonbeam, finding themselves struggling to make the right decisions. Trying to figure out what is happening with each character and who has the biggest secret to hide.

Posted on: 4th May 2018 at 01:56 pm

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