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Caitlin, Backwell School

Salt to the Sea

I like Salt to the sea. It is a mix of stories and points of view. I didn’t mind that point of view change I particularly like the first few chapters where the start sentence and end sentence where the same.
I don’t think the characterisation was very good as the characters were always talked about the same way ‘tall’, ‘pretty’ etc. Also they weren’t much devolved as the reason for taking the thing room the Amber Room wasn’t great. Also I thought the pregnant girl was about 12 when we first saw her as she was described as ‘little’ so often.
The plot however was good as it didn’t stray from it. This made the flipping character point of view easier. It was good to see people's lives in different ways. It was good for some and bad for others. I thought it was realistic in its ending, as not all of the main characters lived. The fact the nurse and the thief got together and kept the baby was a little unrealistic. But things like the tall women not getting on the boat and the blind girl falling through the ice and the attack was good.
The style was very unique as it was the same for each instead of changing much for each. The letter seemed unrelated and confusing at times.
Over all this is my favourite book that I have read so far. I hope it wins.

Posted on: 7th June 2017 at 02:16 pm

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