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Nicholas, Christ's Shadowers

Beyond the Bright Sea

Beyond the Bright Sea is a novel set on the Elizabeth Islands, in Massachusetts. It's based around the true story of a leper hospital on Penikese, one of the Elizabeth Islands. This book is my favourite so far in the Carnegie shortlist. It provides a stark contrast to other books such as The Hate U Give - while those books are intense and fast-paced, Beyond the Bright Sea is very low-key and only really becomes intense very near the end. Because of this, it's not for everyone - I could easily see some readers getting bored reading it - but I thought that the seemingly simple nature of the novel veiled a remarkable writing feat. The similes and characters in this book were the things that stuck out the most to me. The beautiful language and incredibly believable and likeable characters made this book an absolute joy to read.

Posted on: 4th May 2018 at 04:56 pm

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