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Morgan, John Masefield High School and Sixth Form


Rook is a very different book to the sorts of things I normally read and it was annoying yet refreshing at the same time. On one hand I thought the simple pacing and basic plot were a nice change compared to the complex and elaborate stories I usually read. However, at parts I found it to be quite dull and boring and it felt as if nothing really happened. This meant overall the book felt a bit lifeless and plain- I didn't think anything in it really stood out, it all just sort of melted together into a mess of boringness.

Some of the scenes and events felt a bit exaggerated and unlikely (for example when he was expelled permanently without a thorough look into his history at the school) which made it difficult to empathise with characters. Furthermore, throughout the book I was constantly suffering from 'second hand embarrassment' and at one point even stop reading and put the book down because of the severity of it. Which made it difficult to read the story smoothly, as I had to keep stopping to accept events that occurred in the book.

Another issue I had with the book was the writing style. At times it felt a bit too formal, professional and in depth to be a teenager writing it. Yet somehow also managed to feel to young to be realistic for the narrator's age at times. I think the most accurate comparison I can make is that it reminded me of a young child pretending to be a teenager but not quite understanding it. This made it even more difficult to empathise with the protagonist.

Overall, it's a good book but is far from great and has lots of improvements that could be made. However, for what it is (a book for RELUCTANT READERS) I think it does fine. I understand that I am not this books target demographic and won't hold that against it.

Posted on: 4th May 2018 at 06:07 pm

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