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Izzy, Latymer Prep

A Great Big Cuddle

A great big cuddle is a book of poems for very young children illustrated by Chris Riddell, each poem is matched with a cute funky picture of strange monsters, humans or animals adding to the feeling of this book.
I think this book Is very well done. The layout is amazing and the drawings are fun with a fresh style, the sketchy outlines with the simple background are witty and I love how original and adorable the style is. It’s great how every position and body proportion is just right and not boring to look at for a long period of time. The detail in every character is a fantastic touch and the clothing is creative and makes the character have a personality just in the way they dress and the expressions are amazing yet not over exaggerated. Chris Riddell has tried to stick with some sort of pallet making the colours not blurt out but give more of a soft feeling to them and the pallet they have used isn’t obvious which is a good thing as sometimes when knowing the pallets, you start realising how blue the whites are and how the black look red. The shading is nice and simple, great for a young audience as if it was too heavy or detailed it would not have matched the rest of the simplistic layout and it could maybe even make the monsters look scarier. The childish monsters are a great touch as instead of looking terrifying and creepy they look happy and fun making children less scared of the non-existent monsters under their beds.
I would recommend this book to 3-7-year-olds as it is meant for a young audience. One thing I think isn’t quite right is how the pictures connect with the poems, sometimes they do, sometimes the poems and the drawings just don’t click but a younger audience wouldn’t notice that and it’s not obvious. I would buy this in a shop if I was going to give it to a younger friend or family member but I’m probably too old for this books so I wouldn’t buy it for myself.
Overall I really like this book and I think it's sweet and I like the idea that all the non-humans in the drawings are the children’s teddies which are clever and SO ADORABLE.

Posted on: 7th June 2017 at 06:49 pm

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