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Izzy, Latymer Prep

Wild Animals of the North

The wild animals of the north is an educational book by Dieter Bruan about animals who live in the north. It has a short paragraph of text and pictures made in the form of cubism (originally by Picasso).
This book is by far one of my favourite books out of the Kate Greenaway 2017 shortlist. The style of it is original, it seems simple but trying to draw something like that is very complicated and all the shapes make it easy to process the picture and you don’t have to scan all the little details as he has taken the main details of the animal and then turned the rest into shapes. I wouldn’t mind staring at one of these drawings for ages. Using this style of drawing is really complex as emotions and parts of the animals which identify them as what they are, are hard to do if you’re doing it with cubism yet he managed to capture the emotions and the animal perfectly. How there’s no outline and just shapes is pretty cool. I love how as well as the shading of the sides of the animal, there’s also a fading you can spot if you look closely. The backgrounds, from simple blank white to complicated habitats, go really well with the animals. I love how he stuck to a pallet on every page, it looks nice and neat. He didn’t just shade with faded black, if the pallet was blue, he would shade with blue.
I would recommend this book to 8-18-year-olds as this book has many pictures and isn’t like a normal animal information book but also has quite a bit of text. He has done a great job of making the age range pretty big so a wide range of people would enjoy reading this book and even older people would enjoy looking at the pictures, If I came across this book, I would absolutely love to get it!

Posted on: 7th June 2017 at 07:51 pm

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