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Nicholas, Christ's Shadowers


Rook is a book about a boy called Nicky, who has a former alcoholic father and a brother (called Kenny) who has learning difficulties. To me, this book seemed fairly simple compared to the other shortlisted books I've read so far, and definitely much shorter. One of the main plot lines is rather cliche - he has a crush on a girl and (spoiler alert) thinks the girl doesn't like him and then finds out that she actually does like him. The other main plot line is that Nicky and Kenny find an injured rook, and try to nurse him back to health. Because of this, the first chapter of Rook is told from the rook's perspective. This chapter is very nicely written. This plot line also creates some interesting interactions between the characters. My favourite part of the book, however, was the terrific way in which Nicky describes Kenny's learning difficulties - the descriptions are simple but expertly written. Rook's not-very-original plot lines are woven together into a book that doesn't really stand out to me, but is still pretty good.

Posted on: 5th May 2018 at 04:51 pm

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